Despite the growing concern in India about the quality of education, there is no consensus regarding a definition of this. Most people will view the quality of education as the extent to which the student has acquired the curricular learning as measured by scores in tests. A quality education output can be achieved only if quality is ensured at each level of the educational process from setting standards, establishing the learning environment, preparation of teachers, through the teaching-learning process, assessment of learning, evaluation, and monitoring. Other indicators of quality are decreasing rates of dropout and increasing rates of stay-ins, the number of students who complete the elementary education cycle on time (within eight years) and, gender and social equality
NGOs are also discharging a useful role in advocacy as well as accountability of the different government programme. Substantial partnership of NGOs is conceived through community organizations including Village Education Councils, Parent Teachers’ Association, Mother Teachers’ Association, School Management Councils and so on, NGOs are helping to build capacities in the community for improved education management.
STONE TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION aims at providing education to child & women from the rural areas. The foundation motivates them to undertake such education to improve their lives.
55% of Indians [550 million people] are below 30 years of age and 70% of Indians [700 million people] are below 35 years of age!
Anti-poverty strategy comprises of a wide range of poverty alleviation and employment generation programmes
We are involved in Temple Construction Projects in India and Abroad. From Stone Selection, Design, Stone Art Work, Fitting on site, Finishing the structure.
We are involved in Temple Rehabilitation and Maintenance works in India and Abroad. Temple components repair works, periodic maintenance works.