Watershed is an area of land within which all the rainfall it receives feeds into a particular drainage channel. ST Foundation has taken up innovative projects by addressing water resource development to strive for desired objective of drinking water security, to boost agriculture & livestock production, particularly to benefit weaker sections of the community. Efficient Water Conservation with appropriate technologies & systems and Community participation with special concentration on poor sections, in planning & implementation.
Under the Watershed Development Programme, all the land falling within the area is treated on the basis of soil & water conservation techniques. Major of them are plugging of drainage line by construction of check dams, gabions & masonry structures, constructing farm bunds & digging contour trenches on steeper land. After basic treatment of watershed, a variety of watershed - plus activities are taken up such as the promotion of improved farming systems, horticulture & animal husbandry.
Generally, the poor farmers who own poor quality land lack even safe drinking water, water for irrigation is a far cry. Though, a massive watershed development programme has been launched in the country; still the poor need support of technology and resources to make better use of the water.
55% of Indians [550 million people] are below 30 years of age and 70% of Indians [700 million people] are below 35 years of age!
Anti-poverty strategy comprises of a wide range of poverty alleviation and employment generation programmes
Watershed development is not merely a matter of harvesting rainwater. Its success crucially entails working out collective protocols of equitable and sustainable use of surface.
Refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation can be achieved through increased efficient energy use