ST Foundation has been associated with content making, articles write up, photography for in house group magazines. All the publications are aimed at bringing a positive change in the society at large. The sectors being covered currently are the Renewable Energy Sector, Stone & Quarrying/Mining Sector, Construction Sector. The sectors are labour intensive and directly or indirectly employ millions of people in India thus working in these areas can bring a substantial change in the society at large. Apart from these Publications the foundation also contributes articles, writings for other Social & Industrial magazines. It is also currently editing the SAPTI Newsletter.
RENEWABLE ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE – The publication was started with the vision and objective to create awareness for the use of Renewable Energy and Climate change effects. The magazine focuses on the use of Solar, Wind, Tidal, Hydro, sources to generate clean power. “Renewable Energy & Climate Change” covers the energy industry, policies, technologies, finance and markets for all renewable technologies. The content is aimed for decision makers in power generating utilities, local or central governments, energy advisory or planning agencies, manufacturers of complete renewable energy systems, research / training establishments, aid agencies, large energy users, companies involved directly in renewables, owners/managers of renewable energy sites, consultants in renewable energy and other industries allied to the field
The magazine promotes use of renewable energy in our daily lifes therby making the planet and environment a better place to live in. It highlights the benefits of use of clean energy for a better future.
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STONE PANORAMA – The magazine aims at improving the working conditions in the Natural Stone Quarrying & Processing industry. It has been published since the last 14 years. The content creates general awareness as to the optimum use of resources in the sector. The magazine also highlights use of eco friendly technologies for the industry. The magazine focuses on improving the life of workers at the quarrying.mining site, factories, child labour issues, worker’s familes issues, women & child education, health and others. STONE PANORAMA is a publication of STC Group. The Group has been working in the field of Dimension Stones for the last 25 years.
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55% of Indians [550 million people] are below 30 years of age and 70% of Indians [700 million people] are below 35 years of age!
Anti-poverty strategy comprises of a wide range of poverty alleviation and employment generation programmes
Watershed development is not merely a matter of harvesting rainwater. Its success crucially entails working out collective protocols of equitable and sustainable use of surface.
Refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation can be achieved through increased efficient energy use