About ST Foundation
STONE TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION (S T FOUNDATION), is a registered NGO(2003-04) , with office at Rastogi House, B 9 Vivekanand Marg, Jaipur with registration No. 509 of 5th November, 2003-04 registered under Societies Registration Act 1958. ST FOUNDATION aims to coordinate the energies of qualified, young, energetic and motivated professionals for improvement in the quality of life and uplift of marginalized communities by means of sustainable development.
S T FOUNDATION was formed with the vision to work in the backward areas of Rajasthan where Quarrying activities are in action. It has worked with families of labour working in the quarries and helped them to understand on the issues of safety while at work, education & training. Further for upliftment of the families of these labourers the organization has tried to work with the families and made them aware about important issues like health, sanitation, self development and other important areas. The organization has since diversified in other fields like poverty – alleviation, Micro Credit Enterprise Development and Capacity enhancement of the marginalized people through introduction of Education, Health & Vocational trainings whereby they have access to the basic requirements of life on base of social justice.
We are in connection amongst communities with opportunities through important programs that change their lives for the better. We help improve poor quality life through community centered approaches by providing a position of social and economic services and support for helpful change by sharing relations with others for civic society.
In line with this mission, community development and empowerment are integral part of our activities. ST FOUNDATION’s multi faceted services encompass advocacy, Micro Credit & Enterprise Development, training Programme, tailored to targeted requirements for human resource development, serving as a resource center for dissemination of updated information in relevant areas through updated databases and policy briefs, holding of workshops as well as serving as a platform for civic action for positive change.
55% of Indians [550 million people] are below 30 years of age and 70% of Indians [700 million people] are below 35 years of age!
Anti-poverty strategy comprises of a wide range of poverty alleviation and employment generation programmes
Watershed development is not merely a matter of harvesting rainwater. Its success crucially entails working out collective protocols of equitable and sustainable use of surface.
Refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation can be achieved through increased efficient energy use